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Wondering what it would be like to volunteer with Sueños Compartidos?  A few of our volunteers share their experiences below...

Want to thank you for including me in your teaching experience.  It was great.  The kids are the same all over.  All eager to learn, fun, and full of energy.  The home stay was very good.  A close knit family with a rich religious background.  I was included in all their family and community activities.  My colleagues were super; all energetic, fun, and creative.  The experience was fantastic and whole heartedly suggest you keep it going.

- Jim, California


All in all, it was a wonderful experience. The kids were great and my host family made my stay very comfortable. There were challenges, to be sure, especially as this was the first program. But we met every day after class to figure out the next day and got it sorted out. In the end, everyone was satisfied - the school, the parents, the kids, and the volunteers.  One of the things that I found most impressive about this program was that Tomás got the schools and the communities interested in and supportive of the success of the program to the extent that we were given room and board by the host families for no compensation beyond our volunteer service.  To conclude, I'll just say that the Sueños Compartidos program is a great way to experience another culture, improve your Spanish, work with talented teachers, and have fun teaching kids who are interested and attentive. I highly recommend it to you.

- Wendy, Arizona


My husband and I volunteered with the Sueños Compartidos program.  Our host family spoiled us rotten with the best Mexican food I've ever tasted.  We were based in Yurécuaro and I loved the experience of wandering into the plaza to be greeted by kids, parents or local volunteers from the Sueños Compartidos program.  What a great way to get to know a community.

- Mitch and Angela, Yukon, Canada

I never said thanks so much for inviting me to join the team of volunteer teachers in Puerto this Christmas, I had a really amazing time.  The kids in my class were awesome, I had about fourteen fifth graders who were a lot of fun.  Jorge and his family were really generous and hospitable and his sons and I got along great.  I actually ended up staying another month!  I just got back to Seattle last week!  I gave some private lessons in their living room which they were totally cool with; I even gave his wife some free lessons!  Anyway, I wanted to ask you if there will be a summer program in Puerto. I had such a great time and made so many wonderful friends and contacts that I'm thinking about going back right now!
- John, Washington

I volunteered with Sueños Compartidos for Christmas Camp.  I was with four other teachers at an elementary school in Guerrero.  Each of us also had a teacher's aide; these aides were really high school students who were themselves volunteering.  That seemed remarkable to me; 6 high school students willing to give up their Christmas vacation so they could volunteer at an elementary school!  The principal and assistant principal were supportive and solicitous, and helped us to get settled in and maintain organization.  We had no discipline issues to speak of, and the children and parents all seemed very appreciative and excited to participate.  For me, Christmas Camp with Sueños Compartidos was deeply rewarding.  With the rustic host home I enjoyed, I understand typical Mexican home life in a way that would not be possible otherwise.  I expect to maintain contact with my host family, and both the school and host homes have asked us to come back again soon.  It was very clear to me how much they value education, and appreciate our willingness to come share our skills with their children.  They want to make Sueños Compartidos a permanent opportunity for the students and families of this community.

- Rebecca, California

All backgrounds, all ages, and from all over... join us and experience Sueños Compartidos!