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After 40 plus years in the finance business, I found a second career in education as a tutor at Westchester Community College (NY).  Summer 2019 was my eighth excursion with Sueños Compartidos - one each in Michoacán, Mexico and in Neiva, Colombia with the rest, including another return, in Popayán, Colombia. Each trip has been very rewarding.
- Bob, Armonk, NY

Maestros is an English program for teachers working in the public school systems in Mexico and Colombia.  A Sueños Compartidos volunteer leads a four-week intensive English workshop (20 hours/week) primarily focusing on conversation/listening/pronunciation.  In some locations, during the final week of the program, volunteers teach in the classrooms of the teachers participating in the program.  Class size is up to twenty students.  Our volunteer teachers receive meals and housing from the teacher group in Mexico or Colombia.  Classes are Monday-Friday, with weekends open for relaxation and travel.  Both Mexico and Colombia offer fantastic travel opportunities... but with the friends you make in your teaching community, you might decide not to go anywhere else!  As a volunteer you will experience Mexico or Colombia - the food, the music, the geography, and the people!

The summer program in Colombia (mid-June to mid-July) is planned for Popayán and Montería.  Currently the summer program in Mexico is not running; typical dates for Mexico summer are early July-early August in Tabasco.  The application for the Maestros program is available on the "Qualifications and Application" page.  We will begin the formal recruiting process in early year.